5 Tips on Building a Safe Workplace.


Did you know? Statistically an average human being spends close to two-third of their entire life at the workplace. Shocking right? I bet you wouldn’t have thought of this. Yet time and again we see the onus of of safety and well-being fall on an employee rather than the employer.

The trend is indicative that something in the system is amiss and needs change. With the workforce only expanding every year, employers are now looking into ensuring efficient workplace safety systems for their employees.

Here’s 5 tips on how you can ensure workplace safety for your team.

Internal policies are not just documentation but act as guidelines, that helps the management and employees know what is the expected behavior at the workplace and the remedies available to them in the event of a breach in such behavior. Laying down policies also helps workplaces comply with the law and saves any legal risk that they might encounter.

For eg. India has the POSH Act, 2013 that helps address sexual harassment at the workplace. It is mandatory for every organization with over 10 employees, to have the POSH framework within their teams. Conduct makes POSH compliance easy by having the framework on a platform that teams can log in to as per their convenience.


A workplace can only function when it’s team members function efficiently. Ensuring that the team has access to healthcare, helps them prioritize themselves and stay healthy. Similarly, in order to ensure that teams are not at the risk of a burnout, it is important to address mental health issues and provide adequate support.

Ensure that a safe space is made available to all team members where they can speak about sensitive issues with ease. Cubicle by Conduct allows employees to speak with the Internal Committee while maintaining anonymity and security.


In the event an employee would like to a raise a complaint against inappropriate workplace behavior, there should be a solid system in place that addresses such complaints. The absence of which will only lead employees to other sources such as social media to resolve their grievances.

Filing a complaint should not be the equivalent to climbing the Everest. Easy, simple and fast access to complaint filing ensure that employees feel valued. Conduct’s complaint management system breaks down filing a complaint into a guided process.


Company culture is just not a statement that exists on the website or visiting cards. It is the environment that employees work in close to 8–9 hours a day. It is important to establish constant communication with teams that assures them of the values the company stands for.

With Shifoo Bot users on Conduct can learn the ethos of workplace culture and appropriate behavior with ease. As they converse with Shifoo they are presented with various scenarios that help them become aware of good workplace conduct.


Taking time-off should not be a luxury. rest days are as important as productive days in a workplace. Having an efficient leave policy helps teams take required rest days and come back refreshed to the workplace. They also feel valued and secured within the workplace.


Ensuring safety should not be an aspiration for employers, workplace safety is the DNA of every organization. Every employee has the right to to feel safe and secure within their workplace whether physical, virtual or remote.

At Conduct we believe in taking workplace safety to the next level with virtual safe spaces, efficient complaint redressal and guided employee awareness. Have you met Conduct yet?

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