Behind the Scenes with Conduct


One of the most well known Chinese proverbs says “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Looking back as a team on our own product journey, we see the proverb come to life. Let’s be honest, making a product is no cake walk. While the initial idea is what sets the momentum, the journey can be difficult, alienating and exhausting.

When we took on this journey, we often felt that the team needed fresh perspectives that would help us build Conduct. Perspectives from people who would become our early adopters, who would like to use Conduct for their teams.

So we went back and connected with clients and collaborators we had advised over the years and here’s some of the problem statements they shared with us.


Employers and HR Professionals

“How can we know team diversity?”
“What diversity gaps should we be addressing?”
“How do we earn employee trust & confidence?”
“What is the best way to establish shared values and conduct?”
“How do we build a confidential and secured redressal mechanism?”


“Can we get a customized learning experience for individual growth?
“It would be great to have a confidential & safe space for sensitive conversations, that assures anonymity & absence of retaliation.”
“We’d like a streamlined process for raising concerns.”
“We want to experience a safe & inclusive workplace.”
“We’d like to see self development and inclusive behavior in the workplace.”

Legal Teams

“How can we assure compliance with the POSH Act, 2013?”
“Can we have a comprehensive solution for documentation on all legal mandates on inclusion laws?”


The Result

While every problem statement given to us by our collaborators was unique, what was interesting was a common thread among all of them. The answer before us was thus simple. Build a system that allows learning, provides redressal and helps teams measure their culture. This system should be usable across the board by employees as well as management team members.

Conduct was born out of such unique problem statements. We set out with an idea to build a centralized redressal system but as we continued to ask questions and speak to the right people, we were able to create a more robust product with different elements incorporated under the same roof.

As we take Conduct out to the world, we’d like to take this moment to thank our collaborators for spending their time with us. Here’s to all the founders, culture leaders, HR professionals, legal teams and employees who have given us their time and feedback.

We are only getting started on helping teams build and enhance workplace experiences through Conduct. We hope to see you for a demo soon!

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Conduct combines data, technology and law to solve diversity & inclusion mandates at workplaces. We are building a seamless SaaS experience for workplaces.