As a young start-up, the question we are asked very often is who is our target audience, or what is our market share? The question is very logical and well intended but we always have one answer. It’s simple, Conduct is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a team of 10 members, or a team of just consultants. There is something for everyone on Conduct.

The POSH law can be briefly divided into three aspects, POSH awareness, Complaint redressal and Compliance report. Traditionally, this would require an organization to engage with external parties, fix up a time and set up the whole process from scratch.

Conduct makes it easy. The three aspects of the POSH law are already loaded and ready on the platform, allowing organizations and their teams to hit the ground running from Day 1. Think of it as a time saving tool that allows everything POSH to be consolidated in one single platform, taking away any documentation and communication hassles.

“Conduct was referred to us while we were looking out for help on POSH compliance. Their team has been doing a phenomenal job in this area and the platform reflects their knowledge translated into it. It’s very simple and elegant to use and our employees had no trouble adapting to this platform.”

“Having all the team members on a single platform, makes rolling out POSH awareness and complaint management very smooth. The adoption and understanding of the importance of the POSH law is faster, with the team.”

“The platform acts as a guide to everyone in the organization, whether it is the employees, the IC members or the HR team. Compliance is broken down to simple tasks that can be flexibly carried out throughout the year.”

“As a first time IC member, the complaint management system is crucial to understand the workings of the POSH law. Conduct simplifies it by breaking it down into a step by step procedure, along with documentation templates and guiding notes.”

Our aim with Conduct is simple, 100% legal compliance at 50% of the cost.As a team we are driven to make compliance a cake walk for our adopters. We believe in ensuring that a safe workplace is not just an aspiration but a reality. If you resonate with our mission, we hope to show you Conduct soon.

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Conduct combines data, technology and law to solve diversity & inclusion mandates at workplaces. We are building a seamless SaaS experience for workplaces.