The Conduct Journey


In early 2020, before the pandemic came calling, we were exploring the possibilities of simplifying our work on advising clients on workplace sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion. Working in a field that relies heavily on documentation and receipts it was a long and tiresome journey maintaining the details and actually knowing the kind of impact we were having on our clients.

Until one day we had our own apple falling from the tree moment (Sir Isaac Newton much?). What if we had a system to store our documentation, conduct awareness sessions and engage with employees of our client companies? What if this was a solution that could be adopted by our clients, making their lives easier through technology? And what if we as an advisory firm with 7 years of experience in workplace culture building built a system like this?


We got to work and started our journey exploring technology that would help us build a system like this. Over a period of days and nights that turned into months we launched Conduct.

What is Conduct?

Simply put, Conduct is a SaaS platform that helps organizations hold virtual awareness sessions, aiding them in building their workplace culture virtually. However, the impact of Conduct is so much more.


Conduct helps organizations engage with their employees through it’s virtual awareness sessions that go beyond traditional methods. Moreover, employees can take these sessions from their own computer systems as per their convenience.

Why would an organization use technology for their culture?

As we progress towards a remote first workplace, technology continues to evolve everyday. Workplace culture and interactions are no longer limited to an actual office space. The workplace is now virtual, and so are the systems it relies upon for it’s daily functions.

Why are we doing this?

Our aim is to ensure that appropriate workplace culture becomes an integral function for every organization. Through Conduct we ensure that we bring culture at the forefront for every employee. Whether it’s a large corporation or a startup team that’s just starting out, with Conduct they are guaranteed effective workplace culture awareness that is safe and legally compliant.


As we continue to evolve as a product, we have a simple goal in mind. We want Conduct to humanize technology for workplace culture. We want organizations to start creating a culture of care that puts their values and employee well-being first.

We hope to help you take the journey in putting culture first. As organizations continue to grow and expand, we are hoping to partner with them in making their workplaces safe, diverse and inclusive.

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Conduct combines data, technology and law to solve diversity & inclusion mandates at workplaces. We are building a seamless SaaS experience for workplaces.